Movie List

  1. Submarine
  2. Snowpiercer
  3. Drive
  4. Serpico
  5. Whiplash
  6. Nightcrawler
  7. How I live now
  8. Exmachina
  9. Good Fellows
  10. Taxi Driver
  11. Hurt Locker
  12. Sun Shine Cleaning
  13. Tim3r
  14. Decoy Bride
  15. Blue is the Warmest Color
  16. Soylent Green
  17. Equilibrium
  18. Ultra Violet
  19. Blindness
  20. Water world
  21. Day Breakers
  22. 20 years after
  23. The Host

About Zanthia

I love the strangeness people are born with, it fascinates me. My favorite color is rainbow. It is a color no matter what my artist friends tell me.

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