THIS is for those teenage conversations that make all the bad things looks less rough and more fluffy. These are mostly between friends, probably between the ages of 14-22 to give you a point of view.

Phone conversations:

“There are three perfect women in this world, Cortana, Zanthia, and Kindness.” -Smoker (20yrs) (The nicest things anyone has said to me, 2015)

“I had her! Ya know, Po Hill, blanket laid out on the ground to look at the stars,” Smoker (18yrs) said

“You know, you never  just lay there.” I said

“DUH! but she didn’t know that!” he said.

In the car conversations”

 “I saw a licence plate that said: HOTCHICK, and I looked in the car and it was a fat guy. I was disapointed.”

Tim(18): “I got you a Mcflury, but I eated it.”
Me: “asdgadjhkladfkg WHAT?!”
Tim: “…well only like half.”
me: “WHHATTTT??!”
Tim: “Damn, that stuff is good.”

With my brother: 

Tim: “I WILL slice you with this Elvan sword!”
Me: “Skyrim is single player…”
Tim: “Well, if it were 2 player, I would slice you with this ELVAN SWORD!”

On Xbox:

Olirob (15): “You think you can make a dent in my population? You thought wrong.”

“Zaihera is one of the most geto wanna be thugs in the world.” (Marco 17)

“I’ll fucking kill you (at Bf)!” -Cody(17)
“Not your boyfriend!” -me

“Forever is a state of mind!” Cody

When my mom cant find things:
mom:”Where are all the calculators? I had 3, now there are none.”
me: “You have a billion students. You probably left them there.”
mom: “No way , both you and Tim had your own.”
me: “My friends are cleptomaniacs, not my fault they have self-esteem issues.”
mom: “Zany…”
me: “What? I don’t know where they are… you wanna barrow my pink one?”
mom: “Professional Math Tutors don’t use pink bubble calculators with no functions for algebra 2.”
me: “FINE. Reject my poor little pink bubbly one….. It doesn’t forgive you.”

mom :”……”

At Home:

“You and your damn lists Zany..” -Jack McLeod

“How I would like someone to propose to me: “I would like to have a symbiotic relationship with you.. forever.””

Mom: “But what if they think its inappropriate?”
Me: “If someone calls that art right there inappropriate I am going to stab them 27 times in the chest then eat their hands.” *turns back to computer*
Mom: “That’s nice Zany..”

Tyler(19): “Girls dirty underwear must be like covered in Smarties and rainbows…”
Zany: “Yeah… sure Tyler.”

Tim sitting across the room from me on his desk on the lap top:
Via fb chat:
Tim *2 minutes later*: “wtf zany..”
me: “I love you!!”
tim: “Ok”

My seven year old neighbor:
*walks in my front door”
her: “Hi Zandia!”
me: “?? HI?”
her: “Whatcha doin?”
me: “Face book?”
her: “Oh,”
me: “how about you?”
her: “Just going to the bathroom.” *walks to my bathroom*
*comes back*
Her: “What are these?”
Me: “They are gum balls.”
her: “Can I have one?”
me: “Sure.”
her: “Thanks!” *walks out.*

*Zany at computer, moves newspaper propped up on candle stick, forgot candle was lit.*
Zany removes burning newspaper and Tim blows it out.
Zany: “Ooopss…”(feb 2)

About STD’s and Paranoia: 

Girly in Gold: “I have a sore throat I think Teemo probably gave me chlamydia through kissing. IS THAT POSSIBLE?”

me: “I dont know you are the expert! Go look it up! Google machine!”

GiG: “False alarm. Not possible.”

* * *

Jackass: “My balls itch.”

Me: “I bet your ex-girl friend gave you chlamydia.”

JA: “No Way!!!”

me: “Are you swollen and getting gross discharge?”

JA: “No Fuck you!”

me: “Guess you dont have it. …. probably HPV then.”

JA: “FUCK YOU.” *walks away*

* * *

Me: “She’s not into giving head.”

Smoker: “That’s ok, that’s what the butt hole is for ! ”

Me: “God damn..”


From pop-culture: 

“Who’s your favorite Sesame street character?”
“Because he’s the most miss understood. People are always going by saying ‘why are you so grouchy?’ well he lives in a god damn trash can, wouldn’t you be angry??”
-Andy Biersack

“Why do I mention this? Because I am going to explain to you why I have such an evil name.” -Plato on Socrates

“I dont want a girl friend, I am too busy playing video games,” -Dan Howell

“Real love isn’t a thing, because things can be lost; and real love should never be lost. ” -Ratana Loeung

“Tame that beast!” -Mr. Teacher about other Mr. Teacher

“I am susceptible to endearing women.” -Teemo


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