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Dont you just hate it when..

..You are a teenager that is terribly confused about what to do about stalker boys. I got a few of them now. It may be do to my activeness on Xbox live, but it’s not like my avatar is wearing a t-shirt that says “Friend me~ I’m a gamer girl who has *insert all gamer girl myths* and will always flirt with you.” No. Does it seem as though the  majority of nerdy gamer boys of these days are assuming way to much of women? I think they need to start reading more self-help books…. But you know, its not that bad having a set of friends online,  I have  a gang, they are even placing bets on whether I am going to “break up” with Brett in the next year. Cash (some random boy) is betting November or before, he probably just  wants me to cave and get his $50. (I’m still not sure where he is getting it from…hopefully not me or Brett…) Aside from the groupies drama, I can actually kick some ass on MW3 and Halo Reach, but ME3 and BF3…eh not so much.  Maybe I am just an annoying brat..? Sad thoughts.

Now I’m listening to a song about dying and going to my own funeral…why does my family put up with me?

The stuff of the next paragraph I wrote 8 days ago… it has nothing to do with the above.

It’s really too obvious, but I have a strange want for very obscure and rare objects. I have a pink Spartan 3 action figure leaning against a pink and silver Hello-Kitty old fashion clock next to the authentic green and gold jewelry box from the Disney Anastasia animated movie I used to watch over and over when I was ten. And did I mention the mini plush ewok sitting next to the Spartan? That is clashing of science fiction stories….maybe I should separate them?

On another shelf of mine, I have a 1×1 blue frame with all these little bobbles around it, and it goes for another two rows down the shelf with the other frames a purple one, and a brownish green one from my best friend. In front of them, are rubber 3 inch stand ups of the Rockefeller  and the Empire State buildings, a Harajuku doll, a red background skull and cross-bones plastic melting bead plaque, two porcelain antique donkeys about half an inch each, 2 plastic leemers, a smurf with a yellow horn, a pair of aviators sun glasses, a pair of green foldable nerd sun glasses, a pair of black sparkly curling fake glasses, a small box of random shiny rocks, a small box of fallen or extra buttons from jackets and sweaters, a Hello kitty cookie jar with nothing in it….

Well I guess I should write about something important….Nah. Important stuff is stupid….

Biology is teaching me about algae and seaweed now….YEAH! *stabs heart and gives it to teacher in replacement of unfinished homework*