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I will apologize to my reputation.

I haven’t written for awhile.

Why I haven’t written:

1. My schedule.

2. Facebook is distracting.

3. I have been writing a lot of songs and a lot of papers, so my motivation has been low.

4. Boyfriends are time consuming.

5. I eat my weight in chocolate instead.

6. Sometimes I don’t have appropriate or even slightly interesting things to write about… or at least that I could formulate into something coherent for third party readers to understand about my universe.

7. I am insane.

8. It’s kinda late, I should probably go to bed and stop this..

9. Oh yeah… I have homework still. Fuc– I mean flying Unicorns. 

10.Whenever I get the chance to finally write my brain starts shutting down.

11. …or remembering what it should actually be doing.

12….like studying for that exam on Saturday. Yeah… that might be smart.

13. I will shut up now.

Goodnight my invisible readers….ethereal internet surfers.