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Ode to Stress Relievers


A Teenager’s Guide to Relieving Stress:

#1. Find the closest person to blab too

The more you talk the better it will be right? Get it out of your system? Well after talking to just about every single friend of yours, family members, random strangers, and maybe even the waitress that serves you lunch at your favorite restaurant everyday, you still dont feel any better.

#2. Try talking to a Professional

Hey, it works in most the movies, why not IRL (in real life) ?

#3. Decide you probably need to blow off some steam physically instead.

Run around like a child in  park. Jump off a small bridge. Get a adrenaline high by taking a run around the block. Play weird games. Still feel dissatisfied.

#4. Grab  a random make out buddy.

You thought this was the best idea yet.

#5. Oops.

You’re random make-out buddy happens to also have a significant other they forgot to mention. Feel like shit for 2 weeks.

#6. Video game + Monster + Cheetos Binge

You’re young, you’re body can handle it, just not the overwhelming pounds of homework, family drama, and friend catastrophes. When life gets tough, the teenagers get procrastinating.

#7. Decide to make changes about yourself.

Make quirky habits, like always folding your money in your wallet a certain way, or rearranging every salt and pepper shaker you come into contact with in the perfect way on that table.

#8. Pretend like everything’s alright

Everyone else is doing it.

#9. Try something new

Maybe drugs, maybe smoking, maybe a new video game, or maybe a scary combination of Greek yogurt and old crystallized honey bits with graham crackers.

#10. Try to forget you were stressed

Tell yourself many lies. Like : “I am the happiest person on the planet!” , “I love this song!” , “Best week ever!” , “School isn’t so bad.” , “I bet my mom isn’t the only women who will love me.”,  “Someday I’ll find my prince.”

lies (just saying)

#11. Wonder why you started this

Writing stuff on crumpled lined paper titled “Dear diary” isn’t making life easier. Re-watching old ’80’s films is also probably going to give you some type of eye cancer or something bad. Definitely something bad.

#12. Do random Google searches.

This will most definitely make you think about other things. But don’t visit WebM.D., You’ll probably end up being a hypochondriac and then in turn develop extreme germophobia, which will inevitably lead to agoraphobia, says WebM.D. anyways.

#13. Fuck it.

Give up the search and buckle down. Or not.

myhopesanddreams (life in Windows 7)


Another List

I figured I should ration my writing ideas for creative writing this year, so here is a list of story ideas.

1. For the assignment concerning a story with 2 different point of views: Scene with a girl committing suicide via a hair dryer in the bath tub, her POV and her brother’s POV. 

2. Lunch room assignment: Something with mythical creatures, modern-day highschool. (Vamps, Zombies, Wolves, Fey, Dryads, Pixies, Minotaurs, Centaurs, Setaurs, DemonXAngel OTP (who believe in PDA) 

3. Random story: Disney In Hell 

4. If Luke and Leia never knew. 

5. Someone unlike you assignment: Transvestite: Guy to girl, Athletic, likes Wife swap/family feud etc., Lives in Hawaii, 

6. Random story: Girl reading book, narrating story, and adding her own comments, 

7. Secret Life of an American Vlogger. 

8. Liar Liar Pants on fire, hanging from  a telephone wire, Stop yourself from catching fire, gotta a make a lie liar, pants on fire. 

9.  Creepy dude that only speaks in lyrics from 50s and 60’s songs .

10. Sad boy with no nose. Voldemort, Voldemort, oooh Voldy-Voldemort. 

11. Troller, greifer, Prankster, the difference. 

12. A character that never speaks, but is only spoken to. 

13. Left unsaid.

14.  sequel to “. 

15. Unexpected ending to sequel. 

16. Prequel

17. Epilogue. 

18. Acknowledgements. 

19. Appendix and references. 

20. Author’s Note 

21. Reviews. 

22. Recommendations.

23. Advertisement. 

24. Biography. 

25. Rendition of class notes. 

26. Collage of Class doodles 

27. Short story: One world holding a fairy like people in another dimension, but they are persecuted by the government in the ruin of their civilization, another world, being human but also close to the ruin of our civilization. A scientist, a little girl, and a man travel to the other world. They get separated for a year, the little girl and the man find a woman and her daughter, they make a family unit and are reunited with the scientist. then they travel back to the other dimension in hopes it is slightly better than the Fairy one. It’s not. End.
(10/1/13) 28. Mr. Teacher’s average day
29. A cheating student
30. The life expectancy of a barely developed teenager.
31. I wonder why I have to do this assignment again for Mr. Teacher. I got extra credit but here is the updated stuff… An idea about: Watching someone blog. Watching someone be self-absorbed.
32. Middle schoolers. The horror.
33. People asking the same question, same answer was given by character finally at the end the character gives a different answer… is it a lie?
34. Morality. What in all flying fucks is it?
35. An over interest in people’s faces. An obsessed Character with some issues
36. The decision to look someone in the eye.
37. Why I do I still care?
38. Is updating this gonna actually give me credit for this assignment or is it simply a waste of my time? Do I get anything from this ? Experience Points? Ey?
39. I write endless lists…. An idea to write an endless list.
40. A story about a bunch of townies in a library,(like where I am sitting now) everybody knows every body…

I’ll have a part 2 eventually. 

Enjoy the rest of the summer!! ❤

Dont you just hate it when..

..You are a teenager that is terribly confused about what to do about stalker boys. I got a few of them now. It may be do to my activeness on Xbox live, but it’s not like my avatar is wearing a t-shirt that says “Friend me~ I’m a gamer girl who has *insert all gamer girl myths* and will always flirt with you.” No. Does it seem as though the  majority of nerdy gamer boys of these days are assuming way to much of women? I think they need to start reading more self-help books…. But you know, its not that bad having a set of friends online,  I have  a gang, they are even placing bets on whether I am going to “break up” with Brett in the next year. Cash (some random boy) is betting November or before, he probably just  wants me to cave and get his $50. (I’m still not sure where he is getting it from…hopefully not me or Brett…) Aside from the groupies drama, I can actually kick some ass on MW3 and Halo Reach, but ME3 and BF3…eh not so much.  Maybe I am just an annoying brat..? Sad thoughts.

Now I’m listening to a song about dying and going to my own funeral…why does my family put up with me?

The stuff of the next paragraph I wrote 8 days ago… it has nothing to do with the above.

It’s really too obvious, but I have a strange want for very obscure and rare objects. I have a pink Spartan 3 action figure leaning against a pink and silver Hello-Kitty old fashion clock next to the authentic green and gold jewelry box from the Disney Anastasia animated movie I used to watch over and over when I was ten. And did I mention the mini plush ewok sitting next to the Spartan? That is clashing of science fiction stories….maybe I should separate them?

On another shelf of mine, I have a 1×1 blue frame with all these little bobbles around it, and it goes for another two rows down the shelf with the other frames a purple one, and a brownish green one from my best friend. In front of them, are rubber 3 inch stand ups of the Rockefeller  and the Empire State buildings, a Harajuku doll, a red background skull and cross-bones plastic melting bead plaque, two porcelain antique donkeys about half an inch each, 2 plastic leemers, a smurf with a yellow horn, a pair of aviators sun glasses, a pair of green foldable nerd sun glasses, a pair of black sparkly curling fake glasses, a small box of random shiny rocks, a small box of fallen or extra buttons from jackets and sweaters, a Hello kitty cookie jar with nothing in it….

Well I guess I should write about something important….Nah. Important stuff is stupid….

Biology is teaching me about algae and seaweed now….YEAH! *stabs heart and gives it to teacher in replacement of unfinished homework*