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So…..I’m still listening to MCR and they just keep getting better.

I’ve been subscribed to on Face Book by DorkDownTown and he wont leave my statuses alone or my picture uploads. I never said I hated him, quite the contrary, but really? everything must be virtually touched by you on the Ethernet?

Anyways.. The title of this ^^ is about my favorite band which makes me exceedingly happy. And I just erased an emoticon from that sentence. Emoticons have taken our precious language and vocabulary and turning it into symbols that some how represent facial expressions that then in turn represent inner emotions. What is my generation coming to? Clinical depression and anorexia? Not much good is coming of the social networks. Though billions of dollars have been made from just Farm-ville no doubt, I’m not quite sure if the encouragement of virtual farm care is very good for the working class populace which should actually go out and take care of their own farm, with real animals that probably need food, water, and fresh hay, and not to mention tender-love-and-care.

In an explanation of my immaturity, I may not be right about 99.99% of the stuff I write, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t write it, just means, don’t quote me on the Farm-ville producing billions of dollars in sales and stuff like that.. because I don’t know anything.

I think I’m getting too political right now.. so I’m not going to write anymore. It could be detrimental to my future career…. If this blog isn’t already.