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Gaming Community, The Internet, and Sexism


Before we talk about these touchy subjects let’s make a helpful list :

1.We are creatures with sexual natures (asexuals you count too <3)


3. We are emotional creatures (except for you, psychopaths, you’re one of the reasons we are in this mess.)

4. We all face consequences for our actions, deservedly or not, equally or not, we face them.

5. Our bodies may have different looking reproductive organs, but we are two sides of one coin (or if you are genderless etc, you are the coin and I love you for being super cool, brave, and unique).

Ok so here are some articles I found while looking at news reports:

Game Reviewer Receives Rape Threats 

Continued article: ’30 Days of Sexism’

If you read these you will notice that this community (the world wide web connecting gamers since 19-whenever) is one of many genders, races, ethnicity, religions, blah blah diversity. Secondly, the gaming community in its wide diversity can be extremely narrow minded and can be extremely problematic in its ways of being offensive, abusive, negative, and even life threatening, (see: Swatting).

In the gaming community, things move fast and things change fast. But one thing that hasn’t changed too much is women being treated like a sexual commodity. I know this sounds strange, but I can prove it to you.

Here are some videos made by the gaming community about things that ACTUALLY happen (some of these even happened to me).

I kid you not, this kind of language and ludeness is extremely common among gamers male and female, but the intent behind them is simply offensive and wrong for both sides.

Because of the popular belief that most gamers are male (54%), the gaming culture has been formed around these chauvinistic stereotypes. This doesn’t tend to bother too many female or male gamers much, though there has been some marketing campaigns and arguments about this. “You can’t have a woman as a main character in a video game, it just won’t succeed.” (Jean-Max Morris 2013:1). This a sentiment that was argued by the producers of Morris’s game, obviously this is untrue. The sex of the main character has very little to do with the success of the game, actually, the more the game creates a community the more successful the game will be. The gaming community is comfortable for most people because all of us want to be there and participate, if we didn’t we would simply stop participating in the culture.

Females being treated badly in gaming communities is simple. Females started out as a minority in gaming culture because of the gender norms and boundaries set up in the way games were geared toward, war, violence, adventures, and monsters. These things at the dawn of gaming were “manly”, “rough and tough”, and everything but sugar and spice and everything nice. Now that gender roles in our society have evened out a little more girls dont feel like war, violence, adventure, and monsters are all that threatening to their femininity or threatening at all to face in a game. But from what I’ve seen is that the community of gamers was established on male virtues. Slogans like “Bro’s before  hoes”, “you game like a girl”, and “make me a sandwich” all stem from guys being the dominating figures of the gaming community.

Since males have dominated gaming for so long, girls who have eased their way into the community usually keep a low profile, 47% is a lot, but still women openly saying they are women on their profile or in game can be rare. This is because of threats like what Alanah Pearce received in the comments on her game review videos. For me, I’ve been online gaming in both the Xbox live and PC gaming (League of Legends mostly) communities for years, and I have actually met guys and girls online that I am still friends with after gaming since 2012. There is hope for the community to revive itself, but when environments are toxified by people with no actual understanding of what their words are doing, change can’t happen.

The best way to explain gaming culture is to experience it, but not everyone is interested or accustomed to the way gamers communicate and relate to one another. That is why most people write gamers off as uneducated and not very sensitive, when the opposite is true, gamers have feelings too we just express ourselves very differently. “Young people will always find new ways to represent their cultural concerns, in ways that inevitably alienate the previous generation. Such linguistic creativity as 1337 5p34K, characterized by adaptation and modification, has evolved from the game geek’s need to express and communicate within a supportive community of like-minded participants.”(Blashki and Nichol 2005:85) What we lack is support usually, because the gaming community is very competitive and raunchy. We like the raunchiness to a point though. Things cross lines, and our ways of communicating can be taken to whole other levels of bad. Swearing is normal, insulting people randomly is normal, threatening to rape, abuse, assault, swat, etc. is not normal or legal.

Some lists.

Friday’s checklist1. Get purposed to. 
2. Watch something written by Moffett
3. Hang out with geek friends.
4. Receive a very special gift.
5. Revisit an old Halo game produced by Bungie
6. Enjoy 2 meals with beans.
7. Talk about Canada and Canadians 
8. Got cuddles from buddies
9. Played some Truth or Dare.
10. Wrote an entire 5 page philosophy paper with 6 sources. 
11. Read CollegeHumor articles for an hour
12. Watched sci-fi with my brother. 
13. Entertained thoughts of moving far away

Today’s Checklist: 

1. Give presentation to class
2. Hand in 8 page final paper for Philosophy

3. Try and enjoy other kinda crappy presentations given by 5 other class mates.

4. Eat a lot of munchins for lunch instead of real food

5. forget to eat real food or drink water because you are an screen addict

6. Text a friend all day arguing about band names. 

7. Be asked by a friend to sext

8. Decline politely

9. Try to focus on math

10. Fail. 

11. Plan to arrive at Bestfriend’s house at 2 am and fall asleep with her cats. 

12. Listen to brother sing Queen

13. Clean desk, kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bed room. 

14. Forget to remember what you reminded yourself to do. 

15. Write a pointless list about this because you needed to update your blog…. 

16. *facepalm* 

17. Forget how to format MLA style. 

18. Reading Herodotus because good memories are nice to have

19. Organize poetry collections

20. Sing to a friend.

21. Cover the stain on sealing that looks like a penis with a poster of Master Chief from Halo.

22. Realize that is the third poster of him in your room.

23. Wear the tardis dress because its the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.  

24. Give up 



Ordinary…what’s the deffinition of that again?

What is this concept of normalcy? I have had such a problem with it. Maybe because I am a homeschooling blonde girl that skipped 8th grade.. (these things making me a cultural minority) with a personality that is captured by only 7% of the America’s. Does this mean I am “ordinary” or is there truly an “ordinary” figure that we all hold in our heads and compare one another to? Who is this “ordinary” person?

I believe there is a cultural figure, for every place, that compasses its “norms”. For example, if you lived in a fishing town, the normal thing for you to do was to become a fisher man, get married have children and then the cycle repeats. No one steps out of line, it is just a continuation of the generation. Where I live there isn’t exactly one career as the example. I mean to say, that it is easier to be excepted by your peers if you are a brunet, with brown eyes, comfortable figure, and just enough confidence to be yourself as much as your peers grant you. Don’t forget, you also must follow trends, such as popular clothing, music, and TV shows that a lot of other girls are watching. 

Profile of the “average” girl ages 13-18:

1. 5′ 3″

2. Shops at: American Eagle, Aerie, Forever 21, and Spencer’s.

3. Watches: Pretty little Liars, American Idol, (pick some other one’s cus I got no idea for a third)

4.  Wear’s: Uggs boot/slipper thingy’s, North Face coat, and PINK yoga pants. (that was super easy cus I see EVERYONE wearing this. WTF? get some individuality…I don’t hate these companies, sure they are warm slippers, or coats or pants, but 1,000 girls all wearing the same things…..anyone think this is a little… apocalyptic, no?)

…I sense a pattern here.

This is what is condoned in a certain miniature world, one a don’t dwell in. I dwell in the Nerd/Geek world. MEGA dwell there…  My peers would except me no matter what I looked like as long a I knew what a Dalek, a Creeper, a Dragonborn, and a Wookie was.

How my peers judge who to chill with:

1. Plays any one or all of these: Minecraft, Halo, Assassin’s Creed, Skyrim, League of Legends, and Call of Duty.

2. Watches any one or all of these: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Star Wars, Star Gate, Battle Star Gallactica, Fire Fly, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and Sherlock,

3. Has at least one poster of or collectables/t shirt of: Halo gaming(I have 3 posters), Mine craft gaming, Doctor Who screw diver (my friend has one), Star trek t-shirt (my friend has one), Star Wars T-shirt (I have one haha) Buffy costume (have one),

4. knows about or has seen a web series such as: The Guild, Red VS Blue, The Gaming Academy, Tobuscus Animated Adventures

5. Can sing: The Hobbit’s song of home, I can swing my sword by Tobuscus, The Assassin’s Creed Literal Trailer, Hum the Doctor theme, Hum the Buffy Theme, has playlist of Minecraft music, can play the Halo music on the piano.

It’s harder to be a nerd if you write a list like this, but its so easy because it comes naturally. hahaha. I love being a nerd. Forget Cultural norms.





You Texted Them?

In this song I listen to over and over, they sing “I texted the post card sent to you, did it go through?” I really don’t know what he means by “texted post card” it just doesn’t make sense. Wouldn’t you mail a postcard?

There seems to be a pattern in  my life that just came to the forefront of my mind since my understanding of the subject just became relevant to me. Jobs. I didn’t really realize before now that they are what holds everything together, even tiny itty-bitty ones. They matter a great deal for everyday life and the continuation of the world. For some reason they are also hard to obtain, keep, and redeem. Supposedly, I am expected to get a job the day I turn 15. Working at stop and shop is looking both gloomy and adventurous. Gloomy adventures, sounds like my every thought. A gloomy but yet interesting adventure that  I could learn a great deal from. That makes me excited. Excited for….PERILOUS ADULTHOOD!!!

The preparations for my growth into an adult has just started to become important, I gotta get a job! Save some money for what people call college, and buy all these thing I need for a life, like an apartment, car, roomy…. Decisions and promises and commitments are looking very much like the Prophet’s of the Covenant. Truth, Regret, Mercy, are scary aliens that look like cancerous camels, with over sized cranium, and long dinosaur necks. They believe in this thing called “The Great Journey” which is code for “Lets kill all organic life!” They are psychotic alien priests that want to use the Halo’s as weapons to destroy themselves and the rest of the galaxy, human race included. The moral of this summary is that life is a lot like an evil alien that says they know your future and use their prophecy powers to say: “You will toil in and suffer all your life and never write a book!” If life were an evil Alien with above description I think we’d all be dead.

Started school today. We mostly organized and planned our year, and wrote down things we wanted to do, our goals and stuff. I also went to the Orthodontist, he told me I had to get my wisdom teeth out soon.  Peril, great peril upon me.

I got good comments from some nice people! Thank you!  Keep reading, it makes me want to write more.