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When I say: “I hate boys” I am not refering to the entire male population. I am refering to the boys that live with me. And boys being a derogitory term for their immaturity.

I am sorry to all the men/youthful men that must read this…. But I am quite frustrated right now..


1. A TON of songs that I absolutely love because of their sound, their great rhythm, and amazing vocals, are usually about men hitting women. Not kidding:

             (sublist) a. Never Again – Nickleback
                            b. Pick up the Phone -Falling in Reverse 
                            c. Smooth Criminal – Alien Ant Farm
                            d. Chop Suey! – System of a Down
                            e. The Day That Never Comes -Metallica
                            f. Men Are All The Same – The Used
                            g. I Don’t Love You – My Chemical Romance

2. Why..?? Why must this infect my life? All these guys either the attackers or defenders, its still happening. Not saying that men dont get attacked either, but have you ever seen that on the daily news? “Wife brutally beats husband because she was unsatisfied with blah.” C’mon people.

3. The men I must deal with abuse me emotionally ever day of my life. Now this is not a pity party, just to put it out there. But the thing that bothers me about this, is that the inapropriate behavior that I suffer under is a direct correlation to what all these guys experienced from their parents. To make things worse, if this doesn’t end now in my generation with my brother and cousins then it well never end. These traits will never be resolved, this bitterness will be carried for eternity.

4. As stated above, this will be catastrophic. So please, as a gift to your sons and daughters, and their sons and daughters etc, please stop the madness……

Thanks guys, and you know I love you for who you are, not who you are tormented by.